Friday, March 19, 2010

Hanging Art

Hanging It Up: The Art of Wall Arrangements

Hanging artwork and photo frames is a great way to personalize your space and create visual interest. Wall art can make a house a home, and give your office that personal touch.

Here are some things to think about when selecting & hanging your wall art.



Group items with similar subject matter

Use frames that are all the same color and or shape and or size

Hang frames symmetrically to create balance & harmony

Hang frames in an asymmetrical arrangement to create drama and visual interest

A big wall needs more Art than a small wall - its all about proportion!

Hang things that you will love to look at everyday!

Express your personality & style & interests!

Have fun!


A large wall gets a gallery effect. This SYMMETRICAL arrangement of photos in all white and cream colored frames creates a unified and clean look.

Instead of one large mirror - a series of identical gold framed mirrors creates drama and visual interest.

== Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical? ==

Symmetrical Arrangements:

Symmetrical - basically means evenly shaped with similar or identical halves

Symmetrical arrangements create a definite sense of balance and harmony. With a measuring tape, a level, and a little patience you can create some perfectly symmetrical arrangements.

Symmetrical arrangements can bring a formal & balanced look to your space.

In this symmetrical arrangement of black framed color photographs a piece of salvaged antique wood scroll work in gold leaf is added to the top to create height, contrast and visual interest. This gold leaf scroll works with the thin gold trim in the black photo frames to create a unified look.

Asymmetrical Arrangements: (the following images from

Aysmmetrical -

basically means irregularly shaped

An asymmetrical arrangement would be one which is not the same on each side and may not have a clear center point

These frames are asymmetrically arranged but their similar frames and subject matter which is similar gives them a sense of balance.

Well, hopefully these tips inspire you and happy hanging!!! Feel free to share your wall art ideas!

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